10 Common Residential Roofing Problems: Causes and Solutions

Probably the greatest structural component of any house would be its roof, which not only keeps a home dry and secure but also safeguards; the contents of a house are irretrievable without it. But over time, various problems can pop up that can easily compromise the integrity and functionality of the same. Knowing a number of common residential roofing problems and how to fix them helps save much time, money, and stress. In this article, we will look at ten such common roofing problems with the solution to fix them.

Roof Leaks and Water Damage

Problem: Of all roofing problems, roof leakage is on the top list. This may be due to broken shingles, poor flashing, or sealant decay around vents or chimneys.

Fix: How to fix the roof leak? Check your roof for signs of damage that can be easily seen. Replace damaged shingles with a good one; reseal the areas around vents and chimneys—ensure proper flashing installation. If it is a large leak, then professional roofer advice may be sought.

Damaged Shingles

Problem: Shingles can crack, curl, or be missing due to weather exposure, aging of the shingles, or poor installation.

Fix: Replace a damaged and missing shingle as soon as possible. Do regular roof inspections—after every storm—to identify and fix shingle damage before it leads to other costlier fixes.

Poor Roof Ventilation

Problem: Inadequate ventilation has the potential to cause varieties of performance problems in a roof. The attic will “cook” and fill with moisture, which will result in shingle damage and mold growth, and higher energy bills.

Fix: Ensure good ventilation of the attic. Install or repair soffit, ridge, and crawlspace vents, along with exhaust fans, which allow for air circulation and reduction of temperature and degree of moisture in the attic.

Clogged Gutters

Problem: Gutters can be blocked by leaves, other kinds of debris, or ice that prevents water from draining out, backing it onto the roof—very prone to leakage and potential water damage.

Fix: Clean them regularly, especially during fall and after storms. Consider the installation of gutter guards, which reduce the build-up of debris and clean out frequency.

Flashing Issues

Problem: The material used to seal the joints and edges of your roof, usually flashing, can get damaged or loose and be the source of leaks in your roof.

Fix: Check flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights. Availability of loose flashing should be re-secured, while any that is damaged should be replaced to ensure it is sealed well to keep away water infiltration.

Ponding Water

Problem: Low or flat-slope roofs become hosts to ponding water, resulting in leakages and structural damage.

Fix: Ensure adequate drainage by regular cleaning of gutters and downspouts. In cases of chronic ponding, consider installing drains on roofs or increasing the slope to promote runoff.

Tree Damage

Problem: Overhanging tree limbs scrape and oftentimes damage shingles. Large falling tree limbs result in serious roof damage.

Fix: Trim back branches that hang over your roof. Regularly inspect trees near your home and remove any dead or damaged limbs to prevent them from falling during storms.

Ice Dams

Problem: Although this isn’t a huge problem for roofing In Marietta, GA, ice dams form when heat flees through the attic, melting snow on the roof. It refreezes at the eaves, causing an ice buildup, possible leaks.

Fix: Add insulation and ridge vents in the attic to prevent heat from rising into space that is not heated. Also, fluff out the batting insulation over the exterior walls. Use a roof rake to remove snow accumulation and also heat cables along the eaves, which melt the ice damning.

Moss and Algae Growth

Problem: Moss and algae growing on shaded roof areas can cause shingles to deteriorate and trap moisture.

Fix: Fix up a mixture of water and bleach over the roof, or possible to use some commercial cleaners for cleaning roofs. Cutting down protruding tree limbs will reduce shade if there are trees nearby, and installing zinc or copper strips may deter regrowth in the future.

Leaks to Skylight

Problem: Skylights leak mainly as a result of improper installation, most probably broken seals and cracked glass.

Fix: Inspect the skylight for any damage and, more importantly, its seals. Seal around any openings in the skylight, replacing damaged portions to preclude water infiltration.

Regular cleaning and on-time repairs can do much wonders when it comes to keeping your roof in good condition. An early repair of these common roofing issues can really help in keeping the life span of your roofing system and help you avoid problems such as water damage. If you are not sure about the fix of any roofing issue or if the damage is at a bigger scale, then it is best to consult with a professional roofer.

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