Universities in Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA offers extensive higher learning opportunities. The city is home to many of the nations top liberal arts colleges, graduate and professional schools. In addition, it is also in close proximity to Marietta, so if you would prefer to live in a small city, while going to school with lots of people from all walks of life, then Marietta makes a great choice!

In Marietta, for students looking for Technical training, Chattahoochee Technical College offers a great education! It is a two-year state technical college which provides great education at an affordable price! Chattahoochee Technical College, offers majors in disciplines such as Arts, Sciences, Business and Health Sciences. Computer Programming, Cosmetology, Accounting, and many other programs are offered. The campus is large, yet not too spacious, which makes going from one location to another a breeze. Along the way, you will enjoy lots of outstanding greenery. Chattahoochee Technical College is a great choice if you are seeking to enter the workforce as fast as possible.

One such example of a university that offers outstanding education is, Emory University. With just a short drive to Atlanta, you will reach Emory University. Emory University is a top-ranked private institution. The school is internationally recognized for its phenomenal liberal arts scene, graduate programs and for being a leader in healthcare. Furthermore, the university offers 80+ majors, 60+ minors and 13 professional programs. The majors can vary from the more common Psychology, to the more unique, such as Playwriting. While being able to find what it is you would like to study at Emory, you will be able to enjoy more than 600 acres in Atlanta’s historic suburb of Druid Hills.

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Much thought has been put into the layout of the campus, with a tranquil balance of nature and campus buildings. In addition, annually Emory has a, “Kickoff Event” where students are grouped into interdisciplinary teams where they give consulting for start-up companies. The school also offers a Farmers Market where you can enjoy the local seasonal produce. Moreover, Emory University is also home to many notable Americans, such as: Charles Howard Candler Sr. who is currently president of The Coca-Cola Company, Arthur B. Keys who is the President and CEO of International Relief and many more! By going to Emory, you will be joining many accomplished men and women.

Another example of a prestigious university within close proximity to Marietta, GA is Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is offers its students an education focused on technology to 25,000+ undergraduate and graduate students. Georgia Tech is regarded as a top-ranked public college and as one of the leading research universites within the United States. The school offers 37 undergraduate majors, 46 minors, and an extensive amount of graduate degrees and programs. Examples of majors offered are: Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Physics with lots of other majors to choose from. While studying what you love here at Georgia Tech, you will be able to explore a 400 acre campus covered with beautiful greenery. Many notable alumni have attended Georgia Tech, such as: Jimmy Carter the 39th President of the United States, Rawi Abdelal who is the Professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, and many others!

Ultimately, Marietta, GA offers many quality universities and colleges. Attending higher education in Marietta would make a fine choice! 1 OAK Roofing Marietta is proud to be able to serve as a Marietta roofing contractor to this great community.

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