Stadiums In Marietta, GA

Exciting sports action can be seen within Marietta, GA’s stadiums. You can find football, track and soccer games being held here. The local citizens enjoy the games and many scouts from Atlanta come and watch the games to see the local talent pool. Within Marietta you have a couple of great stadiums: the Frank Fillman Field, and the Northcutt Stadium. These stadiums provide great entertainment, and outstanding training for your children who are student athletes.

The Frank Fillman Field is where the Lassiter High School Trojans play football, soccer and track. The school provides its athletes with excellent training facilities in order to be able to successfully compete on the playing field. Recently, a renovation was held for the weight training building, which provided Lassiter students and athletes with a state-of-the-art weight room. It is considered one of the finest facilities to physically train in Georgia. In addition, Lassiter High School is specifically a great school to send your student-athletes who play football. This is because many scouts distinguish Lassiter High School from other schools, because of its coaches and facilities. During a sports game, many fans express their passion for their team, as they enjoy excellent service and commodities.

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Northcutt Stadium is a football stadium where middle school and high school football games are held. The stadium has been around since 1940, but caters to its students with various renovations. The school offers its athletes an artificial turf stadium in order to better suit the athletes, physical education classes, bands and clubs that use it annually. In addition, the entire stadium was also recently renovated in an effort to ensure its students have proper equipment to help them compete out on the field. Northcutt Stadium holds a maximum capacity of 6400 fans and has footbal scouts come and look at prospective college atheletes. With the schools fast-paced playing style, and fans full of energy, you will be delighted to attend a football game.

Marietta, GA makes an exceptional choice for having your middle or high school athletes attend school. They will be in an environment where their talents are sure to be recognized. Nontheless, Marietta, GA’s stadiums offer great sports entertainment if you would just like to cheer on the home team!

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