The History of Marietta, Georgia

When one thinks of Georgia, they often bring to mind Atlanta. However, Marietta Georgia has been around since 1824, which is when the first homes were reported in this area. Settlers accessed their homes using a road that crossed the Chattahoochee in what is now known as Cobb County. The land the settlers lived on previously belonged to the Cherokee Indians. Cobb County was named for Thomas Will Cobb, a gentleman who served in both the Congress and on the Supreme Court, and it is said Marietta Georgia was named for his wife. At the time the state legislature recognized the town officially, quite a few people already lived in the area which was built around a courthouse located in the town square.

The Railroad

When the Western and Atlantic Railroad was initially formed, Marietta Georgia became its home base. As a result, business began to thrive in the area starting with three taverns. Furthermore, a number of individuals opted to open stores and a tanyard. However, problems arose with the building of the railroad and the line’s home base was transferred to Atlanta. Due to this, the area had to find a new way to support the settlers and horse racing became very popular.
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The Leadership 

John Glover was elected the first mayor of Marietta GA in 1848 and new businesses moved to the area. At one time, Zachary Taylor stayed in the Howard House and a nearby doctor offered a “water cure” that was said to invigorate users. According to the Cobb Medical Society, Dr. Cox was the first physician. Under the leadership, new businesses moved to the area and the Georgia Military Institute was founded. However, three separate fires did a great deal of damage and Marietta Georgia had to be rebuilt each time. During the Civil War, the area thrived again and played a role in the War Between the States and it continues to be of great importance today.

Thanks to this rich history, Marietta Georgia is a place any person will wish to visit. The Marietta History Museum is a good place to start, as one can learn more about the Trail of Tears and the Great Train Robbery, among other things. 1 OAK Roofing Marietta is proud to be able to serve as a roofer in Marietta.

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