Theatrical Entertainment In Marietta, GA

The city of Marietta, GA has some of the best theatrical performances in all of Georgia. They offer stunning displays visual effects, and marvelous acting. They offer a variey of shows from christmas musicals, and classic American showings, to Latin performances inspired by Teatro Latino. There are shows here that will, grab your attention and will convince you to visit again to see another show!

Marietta’s New Theatre In The Square features first class theatre, and cutting-edge music concerts by some of the nation’s popular artists! One such example is Emil Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the Executive Artistic Director for the theatre and he is highly regarded for his ability to create outstanding short performances. This has led to Mr. Thomas winning the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in 2015. Additionally, Joel P.E. King is now the art director for Marietta’s New Theatre In The Square. He has assisted in developing some of the nation’s best theatrical talents, and has his works compared to the great, August Wilson. Thus, the theatre attracts talent and audiences from all over the nation due to the theatre’s fantastic leadership. The theatre focuses on performances that create, educate and inspire the Marietta community to make a positive impact in the world. Furthermore, no vulgar language is used–clean and exceptional performances are shown for all to see, children and adults!

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Furthermore, the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre provides a showing of classic films and performances such as: Strand’s Silent Film The Kid Brother, the Oscar-winning tale West Side Story, Young Frankenstein and many other American Classics! The theatre also has some unique performances that have the audience engaged throughout the play, such as: Strand Ole Opry: O Brother Where Art Thou and Smoke on the Mountain. Due to the great impact the theatrical performances have had on the community, many large companies such as AT&T, SA WHITE Oil Company Inc. and AGL Resources sponsor the theatre in order to continue to provide Marietta with some of the best acting in all of Georgia!

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