Things To See and Do in Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA is a marvelous city within the United States. The city offers its residents a high quality of life: from educational systems that focus on STEM, to having renown healthcare. In addition to this, Marietta is only twenty miles away from Atlanta, perfect for those seeking a small town atmosphere that still allows you to go to the nearest city with ease.

Among the sights and sounds of Marietta is one of Marietta’s unique treasures: the Marietta Museum of History. During the Civil War, the Marietta Museum of History served as a makeshift hospital and as a funeral chapel. Because of this, the museum houses a rich collection General history, home life and military items. This is the perfect museum for those who have an affection for learning about American History.

Along Perrin Rd, in Southeast Marietta, you will find the Aviation Wing. Here you will discover a vast and growing collection of aircraft. The museum aims to encourage children to pursue careers in STEM, and how the aviation industry has impacted the lives of Americans throughout history. During your exploration of the 15 acre campus, you will undoubtedly be in awe of the brilliance displayed in the engineering of these aircraft.

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For artists, and those who appreciate fine art, Marietta offers: Art in the Park. Art in the Park is held once annually, and has been held since 1986. During the art exhibit one will find a fine art extravaganza that features an artist market, children’s art alley, and the famous Painted Pots. Art includes anything from: paintings, photography, pottery, graphic arts, sculptures, jewelry, and woodworking. Art in the Park is a free event, with a great deal of free parking as well. Whether you are looking for the next great work, or are just looking for a fun event to join, you should come and visit! It’s free of charge!

Marietta has a lively Farmers Market that has plenty of freshly grown produce, at great prices! You will be able to find heirloom tomatoes, fruits and vegetables that are not usually available within your typical grocery stores. The local Farmers Market also offers staple foods for the community such as: potatoes, onions, tomatoes, squash and beans. If you decide to come and try some of the delicious offerings, don’t forget that you can also take home herb plants and freshly squeezed lemonade!

There is much to do and experience here within Marietta, GA. From, the various museums such as the Marietta Museum of History, to great local events such as Art in the Park. 1 OAK Roofing Marietta is proud to be able to serve as a roofing contractor in Marietta.

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